Green Life introduces aeroponic agricultural technology
Feb 2023

Green Life introduces aeroponic agricultural technology

Kuwait: Green Life Company officially launched its innovative smart agriculture project on the 1st of February, utilizing Aeroponic technology for air farming in Kuwait. This groundbreaking initiative aims to bolster food security by producing healthy, high-quality agricultural products with minimal water, using state-of-the-art technology “Aeroponic”. This revolutionary approach to agriculture will help to ensure a sustainable food source for the country.

The official launch and operation of the project was unveiled during a VIP event at the St. Regis Hotel, under the patronage of the Swiss ambassador Dr. Tiziano Balmelli. The event brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, experts, and individuals invested in agricultural and food security matters, as well as members of the media. The ceremony featured a comprehensive explanation of the unique cultivation method and concluded with an invitation to tour the farm located in Abdali.

Mr. Adel Al Shamali, Chairman of Green Life Company, expressed his thoughts on the project, stating, "The launch of this project is a testament to Green Life Company's commitment to investing in the future. As local investors, we are always looking for opportunities to drive progress within our society." He went on to emphasize the significance of agriculture in achieving two of the government\'s key strategic goals outlined in \'Kuwait 2035\' vision, which are ensuring food security for the country and diversifying income sources for the future.

Agriculture plays a crucial role in ensuring food sufficiency and diversifying income sources. This project aims to build a more adaptable and sustainable food system by incorporating advanced food technologies and promoting sustainable changes in dietary habits in the GCC region.

The project's goal is to not only provide ample amounts of healthy and high-quality agricultural products, but also to do so with minimal water usage, labor, and utilizing the most advanced technological methods available. Aeroponic technology, a form of aerobic cultivation developed by CleanGreens Solutions SA in partnership with the Green Life Company, has been specifically adapted to suit the harsh conditions of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

This innovative approach to food security and logistics, combined with smart agriculture systems, will go a long way in establishing Kuwait as a leading regional hub for sustainable food production throughout the year.