CleanGreens boosts its growth with two new contracts
Mar 2021

CleanGreens boosts its growth with two new contracts

With new projects in France and Kuwait, the Swiss company is consolidating its international expansion

Molondin, Switzerland - May 11, 2021. CleanGreens Solutions SA (CleanGreens) has signed two new international contracts to share its innovative technology that enables plants to grow without soil. The Swiss company's approach convinced prestigious clients in France and Kuwait. It allows salads and aromatic herbs to grow with 97% less water, while improving productivity by a factor of 30, thanks to a high-performing aeroponic system that is unique in the world and totally free of pesticides. “These two new projects represent a key step in the growth of CleanGreens,” says CEO Serge Gander. “They will boost the company's turnover to more than CHF 4 million and will allow us to increase our workforce by 30%.”

Reinforced cooperation

The first contract was signed with a longstanding partner: French foodprocessing company LSDH, whose subsidiary Les Crudettes is a leader in the production of bagged salads. “It's a great pleasure for us to pursue and intensify the aeroponic technology developed by CleanGreens, a trusted partner for more than five years,” says Emmanuel Vasseneix, CEO of the LSDH group. This family-owned company boasts some 2,000 employees and annual sales of € 900 million. After the inauguration of its first commercial greenhouse in France in 2019, Les Crudettes is now expressing its confidence in CleanGreens' expertise by adding an 8,000m2 installation dedicated entirely to aromatic herbs.

The new greenhouse is also part of a circular-economy approach, as it will be powered by energy recovered from a nearby LSDH production site. Producing 150 tonnes of aromatic herbs year-round, it will allow the development of a reliable local subsidiary, reducing imports by 30 truckloads a year. The facility will be operational by mid-2022.

International expansion

The second project is a 7,000m2 greenhouse for a new client in Kuwait, a milestone in the company's growth beyond Europe. This installation will produce 70 tonnes of aromatic herbs and 210 tonnes of salad a year, thereby avoiding 17 cargo flights and the CO2 they would emit. The client, The Green Life Company, decided to partner with CleanGreens to respond to the Gulf's need for fresh produce. “CleanGreens' aeroponic technology is perfectly suited to the needs of Kuwait,” says Adel Al Shamali, a discreet but influential entrepreneur known throughout the Gulf region, and president and co-founder of The Green Life Company. “The shortage of leafed vegetables and aromatic herbs, our strong dependency on imports (up to 70%) for these products, our severe climatic conditions and our limited water resources are all factors that make this project highly promising.” By impacting the global supply chain, the Covid-19 pandemic heightened Kuwait's concerns about food security, creating a major issue for the government. The water and energy savings of the CleanGreens solution will mark a further step toward food self-sufficiency. Operational in 2022, the project falls within the framework of a broader partnership for CleanGreens in the region.

These new contracts represent two pillars in CleanGreens' strategy for growth and international expansion. Other projects are under discussion in several countries within and beyond Europe. The contracts also confirm the interest among both the public and the food-processing industry for aeroponics, which ensures outstanding productivity as well as the elimination of pesticides, currently a topic of heated debate in Europe.

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About CleanGreens

CleanGreens is a Swiss food-technology company that provides farmers and the farm industry with innovative mobile aeroponic solutions (plants are grown without soil and their roots are sprayed with nutrient fog) for the cultivation of fresh vegetables respectful of the environment and rich in nutritional value. Certified as a B Corporation (for balancing purpose and profit) and awarded the Solar Impulse Label (for positive impact on the environment and economic viability), CleanGreens' patented technology significantly reduces water consumption and the risk of bacterial contamination, while offering maximum productivity per square metre, thereby minimising environmental impact. The company's irrigation systems and mechanised spacing produce salads, cabbages and aromatic plants all year-round, providing consumers with healthy and responsible products.

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