Believing in the importance of both food security as well as water in life and agriculture, Green Life Co. was established in 2021 to meet the growing demand for foodstuff and provide healthy and high-quality products using the lowest amount of water through modern technological methods called Mobile Aeroponics Agriculture.

Aeroponics technology is ideal for the Arab Gulf states due to the high temperatures and lack of water resources in the region.

As of April 2021, Green Life Farm in Abdalli will provide various agricultural products, mainly leafy vegetables and herbs such as lettuce, basil, mint and others. And within the next few years, Green Life seeks to be one of the largest agricultural production farms in the region.

To achieve its objectives and the purpose of its establishment, the company imported advanced agricultural equipment from Switzerland and equipped its Abdalli farm with the latest technology. Green Life Co. has also concluded a partnership agreement with the innovative Swiss company Cleangreens Solutions SA, where Green Life has become sole representative and exclusive agent of its equipment and services in Kuwait and GCC countries.